Fresh Ingredients

Carefully crafted menus

Our food is always made from the finest and freshest ingredients. Because of Guernsey’s geographical position we are in the enviable position to source high quality local produce, thus allowing us to also reduce “food miles.”

We have some of the best fish and shellfish available to us from surrounding waters. Also as well as Guernsey beef, our warmer climate produces excellent fruit and vegetables. Our menus are therefore redesigned seasonally.

Our team constantly researches new dishes, suppliers and products: allowing our menus to be truly unique and creative in style. We can lead with new exciting culinary trends and deliver genuine “classics” too.

Our chefs ensure that Sueco catered event stays at the cutting edge of taste and food design.

As a rule we do not supply reams of sample menus. As a company we believe the menus we construct should be as unique as each of our clients. We would prefer to meet with you or discuss your thoughts and ideas.

Formulating a menu in collusion with clients allows truly original menus tailored specifically to individual needs. We can however provide you with our seasonal menu selectors to give ideas and inspire. This will enable you to see the style of food we serve, prior to discussing your individual needs with our marketing team. This allows you to create an extraordinary menu rather than the ordinary!


Spit Roasts and Rotisserie Chicken

Autumn/Winter Banqueting

Spring/Summer Banqueting

Christmas Canapes

Big Pan Catering

Corporate Cafe

BBQ Collection

Hot Fork Food

Private Party

Cold Buffet

Bowl Food


Wine List

“Superlative ingredients, carefully sourced.
Creative execution and presentation.
Perfect organisation,
Original thinking.”